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OVERVIEW : Why Choose Us As Your Logistic and Shipping Agent?



Ocean Reef Sdn. Bhd. (hereinafter known as Ocean Reef) was established in September 1992 with the vision and commitment to grow to become a logistic and shipping company that providing a comprehensive list of forwarding services in Port Klang and KLIA Malaysia.

Malaysia economy has transformed from a protected low income supplier of raw materials to a middle income emerging multi-sector market economy that has driven by manufactured exports, particularly electronics and semiconductors, which constitute about 90% of exports.


Hence, under such a strong economic growth, it has driven Ocean Reef a notion to take up a challenge to expand their services from as a forwarding agent into related field such as trucking and packing services. With extra services provided to the customers, it has not only shown improvement in speedy delivery as well as cost effectiveness.

Ocean Reef has years of industry experience to serve the forwarding needs of individuals and business. We are specialized in local and overseas shipping of personnel effects, household goods, general commercial cargoes, medical equipments as well as dangerous cargoes.




Nowadays, every customer is searching for a total logistic solution, where nevertheless, we are extending our services to our customers in understanding their shipping requirements to ensure every arrangement made are tailored to their shipping needs.

As an established and strive for continuous growth in line with our efforts to provide both quality and reliable services, Ocean Reef continuously seeks ongoing professional development for our staff to involved in various professional updates and courses conducted both locally and overseas such as Selangor Freight Forwarders and Logistics Association. Furthermore, most of our staffs are computer literate, hence with our honorable Prime Minister to enhance paperless environment, our staffs are being trained with the knowledge to declare cargo through electronically at Royal Malaysian Customs Department.




We have a well-integrated mix of both local and overseas graduate in our growing pool and trained personnel to meet the various demands of Entrepreneurs, Manufacturers, Exporters and Importers of various industries. We are also proud that most of our staffs have vast industrial experienced and are quite innovative and creative in providing various solutions to handle complex shipment.

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